Mexico Folk Art Gallery

Most guests look forward to visiting the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot for its wonderful food, to take the obligatory photo with a giant sombrero, or to ride the Gran Fiesta Tour boat ride.
But just inside the doors of the great Mayan pyramid is a gallery full of cool things to learn about Mesoamerican culture.

This gallery is officially known as the Mexico Folk Art Gallery and is home to rotating exhibits. Currently on display is “La Vida Antigua – Life in Ancient Mexico.” (Fans of classic Epcot will appreciate the opening wall quote, taken from the previous boat attraction, El Rio del Tiempo.)
“La Vida Antigua” presents in dioramas, artifacts, wall plaques, and models the architecture and culture of ancient Mesoamerica.

Mexico GalleryVisitors will learn about the Maya, Aztec, and Toltec civilizations. You’ll find information on clothing and how a certain type of dress identified a person’s rank. You’ll learn about farming techniques and how important the dibble stick was. You can also find out how Ancient Mexicans followed their own hoop dreams, playing one of the oldest ball games in history.

Ancient Mesoamericans followed a complicated calendar system. A great replica of the Aztec Calendar Stone rests in the middle of the gallery, providing a terrific photo op. The Kidcot Fun Stop is located just behind the stone, so this also might be a good place for kids to pause and talk to a cultural representative from Mexico!

Calendar Stone 2

FL Social Studies Standards:
SS.1.A.2.1, SS.1.A.2.2, SS.3.G.4.2, SS.5.A.2.1

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