Swiss Family Treehouse

One of the first attractions you will see as you enter Adventureland is the impressive Swiss Family Treehouse. It was one of the original attractions to Magic Kingdom when the park opened, and it remains a classic favorite for many. For young children or those who don’t remember the story of the Robinson Family, there is a plaque just outside the entrance to the tree that explains how the treehouse came to be. Swiss Family Treehouse

The Swiss Family Treehouse is an engineering marvel. As you walk through, notice the many parts and pieces from the wrecked ship that the family used to construct their new home. Challenge kids (or yourself) to identify as many parts as you can.

Perhaps the most impressive of the family’s constructions is their method for obtaining running water. It begins with the great waterwheel at the bottom of the tree and an inventive pulley system that brings the water to the top branches. You can trace the path of the water from that system, down the channels of bamboo troughs, to its final destination in the kitchen.

Treehouse 5 Treehouse 3The Swiss Family Treehouse is open to all ages, however be aware that it is a walking attraction and does contain many stairs (116 to be exact). But those who make it six stories to the top will be rewarded with spectacular views of Magic Kingdom. Older kids studying simple machines and those with an interest in old world technology will definitely get a kick out of this attraction.


STEM Topic: Science, Engineering
FL Next Gen Sunshine State Science Standards:
SC.K.P.12.1, SC.1.P.12.1, SC.4.P.10.4, SC.5.P.13.1

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  1. Carol Gramer June 22, 2014 / 2:08 pm

    I’ve been there in a downpour!

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