The Spice and Tea Exchange

Downtown Disney can be an unexpected spot to find learning opportunities, but there are a few hidden gems.

If you’re doing a little shopping at Mickey’s Pantry, be sure to stop by the Spice and Tea Exchange inside the store. This is a specialty shop with other unique locations throughout the United States. They carry fine spices, herbs, and tea blends and have a huge selection.

There are placards explaining the history and origin of popular spices, such as nutmeg and cinnamon. You can also read about how spices were used and traded and the importance they played in famous explorers expeditions.

Spice and Tea3 Spice and Tea2

Young children and adults alike will enjoy using their senses to learn more about different spices, salts, and teas. You are more than welcome to open the jars and take a whiff. Have fun exploring the different aromas!

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