BoardWalk Art

Disney’s BoardWalk Resort is full of fun, turn-of-the-century styling from the feature pool to the indoor bar to the art and artifacts on the walls. You may be surprised to find original art and prints from the time period, many of which depict life and leisure on the boardwalks of New York and New Jersey.

IMG_3891 IMG_3893

Just outside of the Belle Vue Lounge are some great examples of this artwork. Plaques explain that the prints were published for magazines and “view books” using an engraving process. This technique was common and popular before photo reproductions became mainstream. The prints on display date back to 1890 and 1900. Be on the lookout for more historical prints throughout the resort.



FL Sunshine State Social Studies Standards:
SS.1.A.2.1, SS.1.A.2.2
FL Sunshine State Visual Arts Standards:
VA.1.H.1.3, VA.1.H.2.3, VA.2.H.1.1, VA.68.H.1.1


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