Disney Junior – Live on Stage!

When you visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it’s pretty obvious there is a love and nostalgia for the movies everywhere you turn. But this park can also be about the magic of television. In the Animation Courtyard, there’s a spot that’s particularly great for preschoolers and young kids.

Disney Junior- Live on Stage! is a show that brings familiar characters from the Disney Junior channel to life. Our friendly host, Casey, helps Mickey and friends to overcome some challenges they face when trying to throw a party for Minnie. The show combines song, dance, media, tactility, and interactivity. All of which are important elements for early learning.

IMG_4795 IMG_4799

Even though this show doesn’t have much of a science or history or even artistic connection, it does present some important life lessons that are great learning opportunities for little ones. Through Disney’s loveable characters, kids can learn about perseverance, teamwork, and friendship. Which are good lessons for adults to keep in mind, too!

Once Upon a Toy

This fun store at Downtown Disney’s Marketplace is a dream stop for any kid. There are tons of toys to browse and play with, and several themed rooms to delight the senses. But it’s also worth noting that some of the offerings here are, in fact, good educational choices.

IMG_4261For preschoolers and little ones, there is a great selection of learning toys, such as shape sorters, puzzle blocks, and alphabet toys. There is plenty to keep little hands busy and help build fine motor skills.

IMG_4251 IMG_4252

For older kids, there’s an array of puzzles and word games like Scrabble. Why not add a little Disney flair to your learning games?

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