Innoventions: The Great Piggy Bank Adventure

The Great Piggy Bank Adventure closed on April 29, 2015. Stay tuned to find out what will replace it!

For many guests, Innoventions tends to be an air-conditioned walkway from the plaza behind Spaceship Earth to the other pavilions in Future World. However, this is a great spot to take a break, get out of the heat, and get yourself or your family involved in new experiences.

Innoventions West offers some really fun, interactive games and exhibits. One of these is The Great Piggy Bank Adventure. This is a super cute, engaging game that is appropriate for families with even very young children. It’s presented by T. Rowe Price and seeks to educate kids about the ins and outs of saving money.

You begin with goal setting. You or your child will choose one of four expenses for which to save. Once you know what you’re saving up for, you receive an adorable piggy bank that you’ll carry with you through three interactive games. Each one touches on something different concerning money: saving, inflation, and diversification. The “funds” in your piggy bank grow or shrink depending on how well you do in each game.

Great Piggy Bank2 Great Piggy Bank1


The Great Piggy Bank Adventure does a great job converting these complicated ideas into experiences that kids can understand. The games include screens to touch, levers to push, and of course the piggy bank. You might find it hard to say good-bye to your pig when the adventure ends.


FL Next Gen Social Studies Standards:
SS.K.E.1.3, SS.1.E.1.1, SS.2.E.1.4