Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is known for having great shows. A classic favorite is Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! Sure it’s entertaining and a must-do for Indiana Jones fans. But watch and listen closely and you’ll also learn a lot about movie-making.

IMG_3945During this 30-minute show, the audience gets to see three different Indiana Jones film scenes acted out, complete with stunts and special effects. During the production, you are introduced to the director, 2nd unit assistant director, director of photography, and special effects coordinator. Each explains their job on a film set and what they are responsible for in the scenes during the show.

You also hear from a few of the actors who demonstrate fight routines and explain the difference between a stunt double and a stunt actor. And if you arrive early enough (and are 18 or older) you can volunteer to be part of the action! A casting director chooses members of the audience to come onto the set and take part in the filming.

IMG_3951 IMG_3952

This is definitely a crowd-pleasing show and is great for all ages. It is in an outdoor amphitheater, and while it is covered, the show may not take place if it’s raining. There are usually about five shows a day. This is a great experience for film buffs or those interested in film careers.